How long will I have to Wait for My Green Card? What is the Visa Bulletin?

If you are in the immediate relative category, it means the green card is current and you do not have to wait to apply for it.

For the Family Based Preference Category, the Department of State publishes a chart known as the visa bulletin which details the relevant waiting period based on the filing date of the initial petition, known as the priority date further based on the family member subcategory and the region of the world or specific country if identified which can be viewed here. When viewing the visa bulletin, you look for the current month’s bulletin where you identify the final action date chart. In the chart you then identify your country or region of the world on the top of the chart and then identify the Family Preference subcategory on the left side of the chart. The date indicated is the date the Department of State or United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, (“USCIS”) uses to allow the processing of the next step of the Green Card Process.

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