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Approval of the I-601A Waiver

The I-601A waiver is used when a noncitizen of the United States has lived in the United States in a period of unlawful presence and then departs the United States.

 Without the approval of the I-601A waiver our client would have been subject to a bar of ten years as a result of the period of unlawful presence of more than one year. With the I-601A Waiver approval the noncitizen can now move forward to complete consular processing to obtain legal permanent resident status also known as a green card. Learn more about options on how to obtain a green card following the link below: Call us today to talk about your immigration case. Visit our website at Call us in New York at (516) 665-8760 Call us in Idaho at (208) 466-1800 Schedule your first free consultation today at #USCIS, #I130, #greencard, #I601A, #consularprocessing, #I-601, #I-601A



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