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Persistent DWI Lawyers in Idaho and New York Help Accused Defendants and Injured Plaintiffs

Experienced representation for people involved in drunk driving accidents

DUI/DWI cases can be complicated, but at Barrera Legal Group, our attorneys have 27 years of combined experience fighting for clients’ rights, both those of accused drunk drivers and injured plaintiffs. Whether you are seeking to have charges against you reduced or dismissed, were accused in civil court of causing an alcohol-involved car crash or were injured by a negligent drunk driver, we can help in our Nampa, Idaho or Freeport, New York office.

Reputable DUI attorneys in Nampa and Freeport pursue dismissal of charges and sentence reduction

Alcohol and drug-related driving charges are one of the offenses we see most frequently. We provide aggressive representation for our clients, knowing the severity of the consequences of a DUI conviction in Idaho. We will fight to keep your record clear or to reduce your sentence if convicted.

Professional advocacy in Freeport and Nampa DUI civil cases

Alcohol-related driving accusations can play a role not only in criminal cases but also in civil court through the personal injury claims process. In civil cases, our firm provides:

  • Hard-hitting personal injury representation for the plaintiff’s side — We seek the compensation you deserve after being injured by a drunk driver, whether that person is a private individual or a commercial driver employed by a parent company.
  • Aggressive DWI accident defense in civil cases — Our firm works to combat allegations of negligent or reckless driving in accident cases and can put forth evidence that an injured driver contributed to the accident through negligent behavior.

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in a DUI case, our skilled New York and Idaho attorneys know what steps to take to guard your rights.

Compassionate DUI defense attorneys understand immigration concerns

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe, especially for clients who are immigrants. Even immigrants who have a valid green card or permanent resident status can have their immigration status impacted following a conviction for a DWI. Immigration officials consider several factors when deciding immigration status following an alcohol-related driving conviction, including:

  • The severity of the DWI offense — Incidents involving so-called aggravating factors, such as a vehicle crash, excessive speeding, reckless driving, violence or road rage, could be treated more harshly.
  • Whether the offense involved a controlled substance — DUI charges can stem from operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, not just alcohol, and drug-related charges can put immigration status in peril.
  • If the charge results in a subsequent conviction — Defendants who have prior convictions or previous DUI charges, even if they were not convicted, could be at risk of deportation.

If you are concerned about your immigration status following a DWI charge, we can help.

Contact a committed DUI attorney for a free consultation in New York or Idaho

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