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February 21, 2024, father and child based I-130 Approval

Celebrating a Milestone: The Approval of the I-130 Petition for the child of a U.S. Citizen

At Barrera Legal Group, we're thrilled to share another victory in our mission to assist families in reuniting and flourishing in the United States. Today, we're excited to announce the approval of the I-130 petition for the child of a United States Citizen—a significant achievement in the immigration journey.

The I-130 petition, also referred to as the Petition for Alien Relative, is the initial step in sponsoring a child of a U.S. citizen to immigrate to the United States. It establishes the familial relationship between the U.S. citizen petitioner and their child, laying the groundwork for the immigrant visa application process.

For families separated by geographical boundaries, the approval of the I-130 petition symbolizes the first glimmer of hope in their path to reunification. It signifies official acknowledgment by the U.S. government of the parent-child relationship, paving the way for further immigration procedures.

At Barrera Legal Group, we're particularly proud to have assisted the U.S. citizen parent in obtaining citizenship before the approval of this I-130 petition. This milestone underscores our dedication to comprehensive immigration assistance, from initial filings to final approvals.

Upon approval of the I-130 petition, the subsequent phase involves the immigrant visa application process. This entails submitting additional forms, documentation, and attending a consular interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the child's home country. Upon successful completion of these steps, the child will be granted an immigrant visa, enabling lawful permanent residence in the United States.

For many of our clients at Barrera Legal Group, the approval of the I-130 petition marks a significant step toward realizing their aspirations of obtaining a green card and building a future with their families in the United States. We take great pride in accompanying them on their journey and providing the legal guidance and support necessary to navigate the intricacies of the immigration process.

With years of experience and a proven track record, Barrera Legal Group has assisted numerous clients in obtaining green cards and reuniting with their families in the United States. Our team of devoted immigration attorneys is dedicated to delivering personalized and efficient legal representation to each client we serve.

If you or a loved one requires assistance with an immigration matter, we're here to assist you. Contact Barrera Legal Group today to arrange a consultation and embark on the journey toward achieving your immigration objectives.

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