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Aug 5, 2023, Green Card from PIP Program

Green Card Approved from Parole in Place Process which is the program that allows parents of United States Citizens to apply for the green card through adjustment of status within the United States based on a son or daughter’s military service.

Our client was initially placed in removal proceedings from the denial of his adjustment of status application based on not being eligible for a green card through the adjustment of status process. Normally, a noncitizen present in the United States is not eligible for adjustment of status and is likely to be forced to obtain the green card through consular processing. An exception to the rule is if the noncitizen is the parent of United States Citizen son or daughter serving in the military which allows for the noncitizen to seek an initial parole document from USCIS through the Parole in Place Program and upon approval of the parole document, the son or daughter can now directly apply for the green card for the noncitizen parent through the adjustment of status process. We were able to convince the government to agree to have the removal case terminated to then apply for the parole. After the parole was approved, we then were able to apply for a new green card case for the client which resulted in his green card case being approved. You can contact us to learn more about the eligibility requirements for a green card, specifically the adjustment of status process including the parole in place program as well.

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