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Business Immigration

Artists, athletes, executives, doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers and last but not least, much needed agricultural workers are all the different workers in demand in the United States. However, even though these workers are in high demand doesn’t mean that the government has made the process to work in the United States a necessarily simple or easy process.
Employment based processes may require obtaining what is known as a Labor Certification from the Department of Labor before moving on to applying for benefits before the Immigration Service which can be a daunting and complex process without experienced legal representation.
Whether you are an employer or an individual trying to work in the United States, the process to obtain a temporary work visa like a TN Visa or an H1B Visa or to obtain your green card through an employer involves multiple steps that require experienced and creative attorneys to navigate. Lack of experience or attention to detail can result in a substantial loss of money or the loss of legal status now and in the future.
Barrera Legal Group Immigration's team of employment immigration attorneys have the experience and attention to detail to avoid these potential pitfalls and to handle the process in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Our team at Barrera Legal Group has successfully helped clients  obtain approvals before USCIS and Consulates abroad in many employment and investor based  matters. 


                 H-1B Visas


Artist Workshop

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa



Employment Based Green Card Through Consular Processing


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E-1 Treaty Trader Visa


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TN Visas


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Employment Based Green Card through Adjustment of Status


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