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Criminal Defense Attorneys you can Trust to Fight for you.

Your legal rights are our business

John C. Barrera and his legal team are professional, have a combined experience of over twenty years and are aggressive. Criminal charges range from a simple DUI to more complicated assault, battery, drug charges and homicide related cases. Regardless of what type of charges you are facing, our criminal defense attorneys can help you fight the charges against you. We have secured dismissals and acquittals in cases ranging from homicide related criminal charges to charges involving driving under the influence.

Criminal Defense


Driving While Intoxicated/Under the Influence


Theft Related Offenses


Violence Related Offenses

Penalties from a DUI add up from thousands of dollars in fines, license suspensions and lost time spent in jail. That's why we will be there to help you navigate through this daunting period to help you beat your case or obtain a result with limited financial and personal costs.

Just because you may be accused of taking something doesn't necessarily mean you stole something under the law. That's why we are here to help you determine how to fight and beat your case or if necessary limiting the financial and personal costs to you.

Prosecutors often fail to look at the entire situation when you are charged with domestic violence. Our offices will investigate the circumstances that resulted in the charges against you and help you mount a defense.

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