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Many of our clients turn to us in times of need when they have little or no hope of winning their case. Watch some of our clients explain how we were able to help them during these difficult times.

Julio and Myriam

Julio and Myriam had a complicated case for adjustment of status due to a prior deportation. They went through several attorneys paying thousands of dollars trying to gain Legal status for July. Attorney Juan Barrera with our team at Barrera Legal Group professionally studied and prepared their case for submission to the US Immigration Office carefully guiding Myriam and Julio throughout the process. With an abundance of patience and thorough preparation, Julio was finally became a Legal Permanent Resident and on his way to becoming a US Citizen. Julio and Myriam had a complicated case to adjust status due to a previous deportation. They consulted several lawyers paying thousands of dollars to obtain legal status for Julio without a favorable result. The lawyer Juan Barrera and our team at Barrera Legal Group studied their case with professionalism and experience to present it to the US Immigration Office, guiding Myriam and Julio throughout the process. The result, Julio finally became a legal permanent resident and on his way to becoming a US citizen.

Miguel Heredia

Miguel was trying to apply for a green card through his son but was denied and put in deportation proceedings for crimes he committed in his past.  Barrera Legal helped guided Miguel in his case, preparing the applications and most importantly preparing Miguel to explain his remorse for his crimes so that the Judge had compassion and approved the application so that Miguel can live in the United States.

Joe Kevin Rodriguez Hernandez

Joe Kevin had been living in the United States since he was a small child and unfortunate decisions resulted in convictions that put him in deportation proceedings and disqualified him from almost all forms of waivers. The team of attorneys at Barrera Legal, carefully studied his case and created a strategy to prevent deportation in the form of withholding of removal which is a form of relief from deportation that is difficult to obtain because of the political climate that exists today.

Jose Andres Jaimes Lopes

Andres tenía un caso de deportación que estaba pendiente por muchos anos y fue representado por varios abogados donde el estaba tratando de remover la condición de su Residencia Temporal basado en la muerte de su esposa casi vente anos atrás. Nosotros logramos desenredar su caso y mandar la aplicación para remover las condiciones que fue aprobada y resulto en la terminación del caso de deportación. Andres ya es un residente legal y esta preparando para aplicar para su ciudadanía. 

Sergio Tinoco

Barrera Legal was able to help Sergio avoid a serious conviction in a criminal case. Unfortunately, that case put Sergio in the crosshairs of Immigration which resulted in Sergio facing possible deportation and separation from his wife and children. Barrera Legal, helped Sergio close his deportation case and finally obtain his green card. Sergio now lives quietly with his family in the United States.

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