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August 29, 2023, Approval of the form I751 Removal of Conditions Application

Approval of a marriage based I751 which removes the conditions from a conditional green card.

When a green card is based on a marriage that existed for less than two years on the date of approval, the green card beneficiary is granted a green card that is known as conditional legal permanent resident status or conditional green card status which grants the same rights and benefits as regular legal permanent resident status except that the expiration date for the conditional green card is for two years instead of 10 years which is granted to a regular legal permanent resident.

Ninety days before the two-year expiration date of the conditional green card, the conditional green card holder must submit the form I751 to remove conditions on the green card, to receive the normal 10-year green card. When submitting the form, the conditional green card holder and the spouse must also submit similar evidence submitted with the original green card application that demonstrates that the couple has been living together as a married couple sharing a residence and sharing financial obligations and benefits like a married couple. The application will then result in an interview with an officer from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, “USCIS.” If the officer is satisfied that the marriage is real, the officer will approve the application and issue the ten-year green card.

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