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January 22, 2024, Order of the Immigration Judge terminating removal proceedings

Our client was saved from a removal order allowing her to apply for her green card

Due to the complex nature of immigration processes, including immigration court proceedings. After USCIS denied our client’s application which she filed without representation requesting a change of immigration status, USCIS referred her case to the immigration court which can happen in some cases when USCIS denies an immigration application. Because our client never appeared to her court removal proceeding, the immigration entered a deportation order for her failure to appear.

When our client hired Barrera Legal Group, we confirmed that our client was eligible to apply for legal permanent resident status or a green card based on her marriage to a United States Citizen. As a result, we were able to convince attorneys representing the government or the Department of Homeland Security to convince them to agree to a motion to reopen our client’s removal proceeding to vacate the removal order and to then terminate proceedings to allow her to apply for her green card. Now with our client being free from a removal order and from a pending removal proceeding, she is now free to calmly apply for her green card with USCIS. Contact us today to discuss whether you are eligible for a green card or options to defend a removal proceeding.

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