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November 26, 2023, I-485 Approval

Green Card also known as Legal Permanent Resident Status granted to client who was previously deported.

In this inspiring case, we share the remarkable journey of an individual who was granted a green card after being deported and later paroled back into the United States. This incredible story showcases the power of resilience and the enduring bond between family members. Our client's green card application took a significant turn when her United States Citizen Daughter stepped forward to help her. Our client was placed in removal proceedings after her previous immigration attorney inappropriately filed an asylum case decades ago, promising her an employment authorization document. What the client was not informed of, is that when the immigration service denies an asylum application, the case will be placed before an immigration judge. Since the client was never made aware of the immigration court proceeding, she did not attend the hearing resulting in the immigration judge issuing a removal order. Years later, she was caught by surprise when she was deported from the United States. After an unfortunate tragedy in the client’s family, the U.S. government allowed her to travel back into the United States because of the tragedy under a parole travel document. Fortunately, with the parole entry into the United States and with her oldest daughter turning 21 years of age, she now qualified to apply for a green card in the United States.

As a result, Barrera Legal Group was able to negotiate with government attorneys to get them to agree to reopen the removal case to cancel the prior removal order and then to agree to ask the judge to terminate the removal proceeding. After the removal proceeding was terminated, Barrera Legal Group was able to file the green card application with the immigration service, which resulted in the immigration service granting our client her green card.

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