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September 28, 2023, Form I-485 Green Card Approval from Cancellation of Removal

Approval of the form I-485 confirming issuance of legal permanent resident status to our client from winning his cancellation of removal case.

Our client was a noncitizen that was present in the United States without status who was placed in removal proceedings based on a violation of a local state criminal law. However, because the client had lived in the United States for more than 10 years and because he had a child with a significant learning disability and because the child was suffering from a significant leg injury, we were able to convince the immigration judge that he deserved granting of the immigration benefit of cancellation of removal. With the judge granting cancellation of removal, this terminated the deportation proceeding and the approval also resulted in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service granting the green card. Now our client is free to live in the United States without limitations continuing to care for his family. Contact us today to learn about options to defend against a deportation proceeding including the cancellation of removal process.
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