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Is USCIS waiving Interviews in Green Card Adjustment of Status Cases?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Although not official policy, it appears that USCIS is waiving interviews in at least some Green Card Adjustment of Status cases

Despite the official position by USCIS that green card adjustment of status applications require an interview, we have recently noticed that USCIS has increased the waiver of the interview requirement in green card adjustment of status applications including cases based on family relationships. Interview waivers have been seen more often in employment based green card adjustment of status cases, but recently, we have noticed waivers in family based green card adjustment of status cases and even in marriage based green card adjustment of status cases which are cases that were deemed to especially require an interview.

Green Card and passport over United States Flag
Green Card

Is there any indication of what types of cases are qualifying to have an interview waived?

Yes, we have noticed that cases with no criminal law or immigration law violations seem to be the cases that may be considered. Furthermore, in order to increase the possibility that the interview be waived we suggest, especially in marriage based cases to provide as much evidence as possible that the petitioner and beneficiary spouse are cohabiting at the same residence and to submit the medical exam along with the green card applications, forms I-130 and I-485.

Still expect to attend the interview

We would advise that when applying for the green card through the adjustment of status process, that you should still proceed with the expectation that there will be an interview especially since an interview waiver is not automatic, interviews are still occuring and the official USCIS policy is that interviews are still required.

With USCIS always plan for the worst and hope for the best

This recent trend appears to be one of the solutions implemented by USCIS to more quickly work through the massive amount of pending applications that resulted from the pandemic. As stated the best approach is to always be prepared and ensure that all documents are filed together whenever possible to make it easy for USCIS to find all the information they may need during processing of the application. Regardless, if the interview is still required, there is no need to worry especially if your application has been filed and screened properly by an experienced immigration attorney.

If you would like to confirm your eligibility for a green card please contact us to set up your consultation today.


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