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USCIS permanently removes the "60-Day Rule" civil surgeon signature requirement.

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What was the 60-Day Rule?

The rule previously required that the civil surgeon signature on medical exams performed for green card applications on form I-693, no more than 60 days before the applicant filed the application for the green card.

What is the purpose of the medical exam?

The medical exam is required in almost all green card applications and in certain cases where non citizens are required to demonstrate that they are free from any conditions that would render them inadmissible or disqualified from the benefit due to a health related ground. Note that the medical exam is still subject to the rule where it will expire two years after the date of the Civil Surgeon Signature.

Why was the rule previously implemented?

The rule was implemented temporarily based on difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on non citizens in obtaining a medical exam.

The rule failed to realize its purpose to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the need to request updated medical forms I-693

USCIS concluded that the requirement created more confusion and caused more requests for evidence further delaying cases for otherwise valid I-693 forms.

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